Benefits & Reasons to Get A Professional Dental Clean 

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While brushing your teeth twice a day and flossing is enough to keep you in any dentist’s good books; a professional dental clean can ensure that your teeth are as healthy as they could ever be. Therefore, it is recommended that people have a professional dental cleaning at least every six months to keep their teeth in tip-top condition.

At Mona Vale Family Dental, we are a dentist in Mona Vale, which offers a fantastic professional dental clean that our customers will attest to, leaving them feeling fresh as ever in the mouth. However, dental cleaning isn’t just about having your teeth feel wonderful. It’s about them actually being wonderful too! 

If you’re looking for a dental practice based in Mona Vale, here are some reasons to consider getting a professional dental clean with Mona Vale Family Dental: 

Dental Cleans will Prevent Cavities:

As a dentist Mona Vale based, we can attest that our professional services are a fantastic way to prevent cavities. Unfortunately, brushing and flossing can’t accomplish cavity prevention nearly as efficiently as a professional clean. 

By having a dental clean at our Mona Vale clinic, our dentists will assure that your teeth are clean thoroughly with dental tools that can reach all those spots you can’t with a toothbrush and floss! In addition, this will significantly decrease the likelihood of cavities in your teeth, as our Mona Vale dentists have been trained to hit all of those spots you might’ve missed in your regular clean. 

Professional Dental Cleans Prevent Gum Disease: 

Another reason to visit our dentist practice in Mona Vale for a professional clean is to prevent gum disease. While a toothbrush is efficient at removing plaque, our dental cleans will be sure to remove any plaque that a toothbrush isn’t equipped to deal with. 

Plaque that is left untreated can spread to parts of your teeth that aren’t visible, allowing it to get under your gums. This causes gum disease, which can cause tooth loss and loss of bone in your supporting jaw. At our Mona Vale dentist practice, we can assure you that your teeth will be plaque-free when you leave us, ensuring that your teeth are free from gum disease! 

Preventing Gum Disease Also Prevents Other Non-Dental Issues: 

If you continue to maintain your dental hygiene without the help of a professional dental clean, you will be much more likely to incur gum disease. We explored in the earlier section how this can be bad for your teeth, but gum disease can also spread to other areas of your body. 

Since your mouth is an opening to the body, gum disease can spread and has been proven as linked to health issues such as heart diseases, strokes, and diabetes. So book an appointment at our dentist Mona Vale to ensure that you are plaque and gum disease-free and that you’re at lower risk of causing further issues. 

Dental Cleans can Detect Signs of Problems Early

Plenty of oral diseases are hard to catch since they’re not usually visible to the naked eye. Signs are often formed in hard-to-reach areas between the teeth and at the back of your mouth that only a dentist is likely to catch. 

If you have any oral health issues, they’ll be sure to get them spotted early if you get a routine dental clean. Many variations of mouth disease and cancers are curable when they are caught early, so it’s best to get your teeth cleaned routinely to ensure that any issues are caught early. 

As well as catching any potential diseases or cancers early, dentists can also pick up on any signs of fractures or broken fillings that have occurred. The earlier these kinds of things are picked up, the easier they are to handle. 

Dental Cleans Will Make Your Teeth Brighter!

Are you brushing and flossing every day only to find that your teeth just aren’t shiny and sparkling like you want them to be? Our dentist practice in Mona Vale’s professional cleaning service is the solution to your problem! 

A professional dental clean removes all of the hardened calculus on your teeth, contributing to a poor dental appearance. We’ll also polish your teeth which removes surface stains. We guarantee that our Mona Vale dental clean will have you leaving the clinic with a renewed white and bright smile! 

Regular Professional Dental Cleans Will Be Cheaper in The Long Run:

We’ve established that you are much more susceptible to cavities, tooth decay, and gum disease without the occasional professional clean. Unfortunately, if any of these issues arise, you’ll be shelling out the cash to fix them, even if you do have health insurance!

Take it from us, Mona Vale dentists: Booking a routine dental cleaning at least a couple of times a year is much cheaper than the procedures that are required to treat gum disease, tooth decay, and cavities! 

Professional dental cleans are a much better route to go than hoping for the best with your dental health or simply waiting it out until a dental emergency and potentially having to spend thousands. 

How Do I Book an Appointment?

After hearing the benefits, we’re sure you’ll want to clean your teeth professionally. So if you’re looking to prevent gum disease and tooth decay and have your teeth looking in tip-top condition all the time, there’s no better option than getting a professional dental clean! 

If you’re based in Mona Vale, you’re in luck! You’ll find no better service than here at Mona Vale Family Dental. We’re based in the Mona Vale shopping area and are easy to get to by car or public transport. Our Dentists in Northern Beaches NSW are trained to professionally clean your teeth to a high-quality standard so that you can go about your life without worrying about your dental health. 

Our contact page has all the details you need to make an appointment. We look forward to having you leave our clinic with your teeth feeling and being wonderful! 

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